Fine Art & Crating

We understand how important the quality of packing and crating is for the ultimate security of your pieces. The close attention to detail that our highly skilled craftsmen pay to each individual item means that packaging is always customized to ensure the safety of all your valuables.

Over the years, due to our specialized handling, moving, and hoisting, the fine art specialization is a natural extension of our varied services, and has become the Auer’s Fine Art & Crating Department.

Fine Art Packing & Crating Services Available

  • Construction & Packing Of Any Size Crate To “Museum Quality” Standard, From Small Fine Arts To 10,000+ Pound Monumental Sculptures, And Anything In Between
  • Fully Stocked Packing Department With Any Box And/Or Packing Lumber And Supplies, Including Fine Arts Materials At All Times Sculpture Crating For Overseas/Export, Ocean Shipping, And/Or Air-Freight
  • Waterproofing Of Crates
  • Skidding And Blocking For Machinery In Preparation For Transportation
  • Provision And Packing Of Export Containers With Artwork And/Or Household Goods For Export
  • Receiving Of Museum/Gallery Exhibitions At Our Warehouse With Full Services Of Uncrating/Unpacking Of Artwork, Delivery And Set Up At Destination;
  • Holding Of Empty Crates At Our Warehouse Until The End Of The Exhibition, With Complete Reversal Of Services
  • Digital Photographic Inventory Control Available
  • Packing For Short And Long-Term Storage
  • Rigorously Tested And Approved Materials And Methods

We have an inventory of moving supplies available for sale.

Packing And Protection Supplies Available For Purchase

Free Delivery Available*

Boxes, Cartons, & Bins

  • Book Carton
  • China Carton
  • Record Carton
  • Tote Carton
  • Utility Carton
  • Wardrobe Carton W/ Bars
  • Picture Carton
  • Book Carton
  • China Carton
  • Record Carton
  • Tote Carton
  • Utility Carton
  • Wardrobe Carton W/ Bars
  • Picture Carton


Furniture And Art Protection

  • Paper Pads
  • Floor Paper
  • Furniture Leg Pads
  • Bubblepak 1’ – 2’ – 4” Small Bubble
  • Bubblepak 1’- 2’ 4’ Big Bubble
  • White Paper (Unprinted Newsprint)
  • Grey Paper (Bogus)
  • Acid Free Tissue Paper
  • Tissue Paper
  • Glassine
  • Styrene Sheets 4 X 8
  • Ethafoam Sheets 1” – 2”
  • Microfoam 1’ -2’-4’ Rolls
  • Grey Form Sheets
  • Stretch Film
  • Mini Stretch Film
  • Polyethylene (4 Mil)
  • Tyvek Soft Wrap
  • Styro Loose Fill
  • Fiber Board Corners

Specialty Protection

  • Paper Tape
  • Paper Tape
  • Plastic Tape
  • Blue Tape By 3m
  • Delicate Tape By 3m
  • Masking Tape
  • Booties (Xl)
  • Plastic Corrugated Sheets
  • Sure Grip Inspection Gloves
  • Twine
  • Steel Strapping
  • Inventory Tape
  • Tip N Tell’s Indicators
  • Commercial Mover Labels
  • Cargo Shipping / Claim Control Labels
  • Sofa Covers
  • Storage Pallets
  • Furniture Pads

Full service packing available.

*If you move with Auer’s, we will be happy to deliver all of your packing items ahead of time for free.