Rigging Services

Our constant objective is to provide unparalleled high-end hoisting and rigging services for the most difficult and unique jobs that arise in New York City and the tri state area. Penthouse owners, building managers and real estate firms have called on Auer’s Moving and Rigging for decades in providing safe and efficient rigging and hoisting services, inside and outside of their building and residences.

Auer’s Moving and Rigging Co. Inc prides itself on our commitment to you the customer and to the rules and regulations of our city departments. We are fully licensed and bonded in both NYC and NYS. We are fully insured and work closely with the NYC Department of Buildings, NYC Department of Transportation, NYC Parks Department and many other city agencies. We partner with engineering firms for specialized drafting of client jobs.


  • Master Rigger’s License (needed for operation in NYC)
  • Special Rigger’s License (needed for operation in NYC)
  • Administrative Permit Department: Quick and efficient team specially designed to apply, file, obtain, and secure necessary permits mandated by the NYC Dept. of Buildings.
  • Provision of rigging & hoisting services in elevator shafts when needed for oversized pieces
  • Provision of rigging & hoisting services in staircases when needed for computer equipment, pianos and machinery, when rigging cannot be done form the outside of a building
  • Safes/vaults/Rooftop HVAC equipment
  • Private containers for overseas shipments


  • Specialized Rigging trucks with winches to hoist to unlimited heights
  • Include sofas, breakfronts, fine art paintings & sculptures, pianos, safes, machinery, construction materials, and any un-moveable goods
  • Hydraulic crane services to rig and/or lift from 100 pounds to 10 tons
  • Flatbed trucks to transport oversized crates and machinery
  • Roll-off trucks with cable winches to transport antiques, cars and safes
  • Forklift services – transportation of any size forklift from our facility to job sites and back to our warehouse


  • Pianos
  • Armoires
  • Sculptures
  • Construction Materials
  • Framework/Carpeting/Equipment
  • Sofas
  • Fine Artwork
  • Safes/Vaults
  • Outdoor Terrace Furniture
  • Hard-to-Move Goods
  • Breakfronts
  • Paintings
  • Machinery
  • Spa Equipment & Supplies
  • Antique, Historic, and Concept Cars