Beyoncé And Jay-Z Buy A $70,000 Table!

Life and Style, November 17, 2008

Beyoncé Knowles and her husband Jay-Z are all set to host dinner parties at their NYC apartment in trendy Tribeca. The dynamic duo just bought a $70,000 table from upscale boutique Hudson Furniture. “It’s called the Knight Base Table,” says an insider. The table is so big and heavy – it’s 9 feet long and weighs roughly 800 pounds – that Beyoncé , 27, and Jay-Z, 38, had to have it lifted out of Hudson Furniture and transported to their Tribeca apartment by crane!

The entire bottom of the table, created by designer Barlas Baylar, is made of bronze.The Claro Walnut wood “is also very special because it took five years to process,” says the insider. “It’s very elegant and high-end, which is in keeping with the couples taste.”

Hope they remember to use coasters!