Quasimodo? Barnard Gets New Tower & Clock

Metro Friday, May 4, 1990

That’s A 600-pound tower clock on its way to the northern face of Barnard College’s new dorm – Clarence Davis Daily News

New York City’s newest tower clock can be found on the Morningside Heights campus of Barnard College, where yesterday the clock was prepared for mounting.

Columbia University President Michael Sovern and Barnard President Ellen Futter oversaw preparations for installation of the clock, which will be mounted on the northern face of Centennial Hall, Barnard’s newest dorm. The clock weighs 600 pounds, is five feet in diameter, and will be visible at night.

In other news, the college yesterday announced a $100-million capital campaign – it’s largest ever – to raise funds for faculty support, academic programs, financial aid, residential facilities, and operating funds.

“This campaign will ensure that the college enters its second century with vigor and strength and that it maintains the position of leadership in women’s education,” Futter said.

Barnard College Board Chairman Helene Kaplan will serve as head of the national campaign for the 101 year-old women’s school, which is affiliated with Columbia University.